Market strategy

Sapphire Brands focus is on brand development within the UK and the EU. Our key contacts give us the ability to get products into the market and on the retailers’ shelves quickly. By working together with our brand partners to find out how to focus through agreed channels, meet distribution goals and support both using smart marketing to the trade and customer.

As a leading supplier to the natural product and Specialty food industry, both at wholesale and multiple chain level, we are in constant communication with key buyers. Sapphire offers a shortcut to companies coming to the UK, or companies that don’t have our specialist knowledge and experience.

  • Specialty & Health Food Importers
  • Agency Sales & Brand Management
  • Sales & Marketing Consultants
  • Own Label identification & negotiation
  • Product /Range Development & product launches
  • PR and Advertising
Discover how together we ensure success for our customers through joint sales and marketing plan development and monitoring. Sales and marketing plan outlaid below can be tailored to your specific brief.

Define key brand and market objectives

Identify the Opportunities

Aggressively pursue new distribution for all product line to achieve early sales

Continuous communication and market updates with suppliers.

Organized sales coverage of all retail and head office calls throughout the UK & key customers in the EU

  • Key account managers calling across the UK on all channels of Speciality food, Health Food, Grocery & department stores.
  • Strong relationships at the head offices of all major accounts.
  • Category Management
  • Plan and implement planograms
  • Plan in-store promotional activity
  • Television, Radio, and Print Media
  • Multimedia Demos, Flyers, Trade Shows and Consumer Shows